Thermax Melody

Music connects souls, unites people and dissolves boundaries. This magic of melodies brought together Thermaxians across borders to narrate the glorious 50 years, values, culture and ethos of our company, weaved into a seamless composition. Enjoying listening to the Thermax Melody, a musical narration of “This is who we are!”
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Conserving Resources. Preserving the Future

Thermax is a USD 876 million engineering major providing sustainable solutions in the areas of energy and environment. Spanning over 86 countries, industrial and commercial clients make use of Thermax’s expertise for energy-efficient and eco-friendly operations: heating and cooling equipment; turnkey power plants; waste heat recovery units; systems for water & wastewater management and air pollution control; performance improving chemicals; solar systems for heating, cooling and power generation.

Stories of Leadership (SOL)

SOL Talks @ Thermax is a series of conversations with Thermax’ s business leaders. In this short video, M.S. Unnikrishnan, MD & CEO, Thermax, shares his journey of 35 years with the company, starting as a GET, moving out to explore the international arena, coming back home and eventually taking over the reins of the company as its MD & CEO. "Your ability to deal with the negatives of your life is much more important than dealing with your successes,” believes Unny.